Huang Renxun, CEO of NVIDIA, would have an interview with SHIELD and the traditional games.

Published on January 29, 2013 by in News

Several days ago, Huang Renxun, CEO of NVIDIA, announced SHIELD in the conference, the game device having a striking impact. This time we interviewed Mr. Huang about the development background of this game and the goal of SHIELD. Mr. Huang had a good impression on SHIELD. He evaluated this product.

“As a device of Android system, SHIELD had been improved according to games. Although it looked like a game console, it differed in a game console.”

The game function is emphasized in the game console, using a special closed system. However, Android system that is widely used is adopted in SHIELD. It is a completely open platform.

As a result of the Android system, customers can directly quote the music, movies, pictures, etc, from smart phones, tablet PC and cloud storage. Because it is an open platform, you can even change the past game mode. Those games from cheap or even free game, to the core games can be included.

What Mr. Huang emphasizes is that SHIELD is not only an optimized game according to the games, but also it is an open Android platform and different from enclosed OS. That is to say, transferring game mode into an open platform and cloud game is the development background of SHIELD.

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Sixty works of “Mario” series help them become in the first three places in British.

Published on January 28, 2013 by in News

A few days ago, GFK Chart-Track, British sales statistics institutions, has revealed that games of FIFA series have become the first series game brand of 1 billion pound retail sales.

FIFA 13, sold in September of last year has become the most lucrative game work of FIFA series so far. GFK Chart-Track, British sales statistics institutions, said that the total sales of forty games in FIFA series had broken through 100 million pounds, although the sales volume of recent two games was only 200 million pounds.

The series of “Call of Duty” and “Mario” should be listed in the second and third place in the brand’s earnings.

What we should mention is that the brand’s earnings did not list the DLC sales of games. FIFA series of EA and DLC, Call of Duty series in dynamic visual is one of the important sources of income.

Sixty works of “Mario” series help them become the third profitable series game brand in British area.

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New series of Sonic will be published in February.

Published on January 25, 2013 by in News

According to the latest reports, Sega will officially publish new series of Sonic in the middle of February. It is reported that the game is developing and it will continue the game frame between 3D and 2D of “Sonic Unleashed”, “Sonic Colors” and “Sonic Generations”. The corresponding platform that it sells will be PS3, Xbox360, WiiU, PSV, 3DS and PC.

It is reported that there is no difference between any platform versions of the game. Of course, 3DS version of this game will create a special style according to the characteristics of the platform, like “Sonic: sprint”.

As well there are many line selections included in the game levels. There are different exits for gamers to different levels in each road. The new games will include at least twenty levels, covering BOSS war. The final checkpoint is sole.

Players can use the Sonic to play in the beginning. After finishing the levels, players can unlock the other character in the game. There are 10 different roles totally included in this game. Also there is no original role in these roles.

There are different unique skills in each role to solve the special puzzles. The scale of 3DS version will be smaller and less game levels. But compared with other versions, the amount of branch in each level will not be more than 2.

So are there more games and more goods? What do you think? Should sonic move forward to the right direction? Let us wait and see.

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Nintendo will attend the Sundance film festival and provide game trials.

Published on January 24, 2013 by in News

During the Sundance film festival, Nintendo will hold a Wii U video challenge.

Sundance film festival is the world’s leading independent production film festival. Sundance film festival is a kind of festival designed for unknown people and films. Organized by Robert Redford in 1984, with so many years’ experience, this local American film festival has become the important spiritual pillar of independent film industry. Many Hollywood directors regard it as a ramp of directing the mainstream business films. However, if the Hollywood production company wants to find the resources, then “Sundance film festival” is a human resource that you don’t miss. Sundance film festival is held in Utah held park city, United States for a period of 11 days.

Of course, except the words mentioned above, the most important thing is that Nintendo will set up a specialized lobby to provide an opportunity of experiencing Wii U and 3DS to the audience during the film festival. The time of the film festival is from 2013.1.17 to 2013.1.27, but the lobby will open only for three days from 2013.1.18.

In the lounge, Nintendo provides some game trials that have been sold or unsold, including “New Super Mario Brothers U”, “Vampire U” and “Wii Fit U”, ect.

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College students joined Xbox group popularly due to making plans for Microsoft.

Published on January 23, 2013 by in News

Microsoft felt happy again. Recently they announced that they have found a high-profile genius. 22-year-old Andrew Kim, was employed in advance when he was still a college student. He would study the rest of the university curriculums and then joined in Microsoft Xbox development group this summer.

Last July, Andrew Kim has published a strategic proposal, on the topic of “The Next Microsoft”, on a three-day symposium. This bold proposal has designed a new brand image, brand, strategic planning and LOGO for Microsoft. Also he proposed a merger between Windows Phone and Surface through the more positive and more aggressive marketing approach, and redesigned the iconic LOGO of Microsoft Windows.

After the publishing of “enterprise strategic planning”, surprisingly the words that the young man said wasn’t ignored and widely acclaimed by professional visitors. Therefore, Andrew Kim was famous overnight and his proposal really had got Microsoft’s attention and recognition! Although there were six months left before graduation, Microsoft also employed this genius.

“This is a difficult decision,” Andrew Kim said. “In fact there are many companies to put forward an invitation, some of which are the world leading or my favorite electronic company. I can say that I am their fan, but I have to make a choice. I will choose the most exciting one. Choosing a job is like getting married. You should select the like-minded one, know each other and become a part of his or her life. This will make people feel good. I think Microsoft is a kind of company I need. If you have paid attention to Microsoft in the past year, you would agree with me. This company is so exciting.”

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First advertisement of British WiiU is removed due to the complaint about misdirecting consumers.

Published on January 22, 2013 by in News

A few days ago, the advertisement of British WiiU has been removed, because people would worry that this advertisement misdirected consumers the understanding of host function.

When this advertisement demonstrated off- TV function of “new Super Mario Brothers U”, it is mentioned that you can play games when watching TV. You can do this at the same time, which will make you happy.

Therefore, the Advertising Standards Authority presents a complaint that the AD is misleading, because players will think switching the game to GamePad can apply to all the games not just only a few games can support.

Hence Nintendo also defended for themselves. They said, “They couldn’t control the third party game developers to use this function”, as well they didn’t think “the consumers would believe that this function could apply to all games”

However, Clearcast Company, analysis of the potential problems, said, “The advertisement did not mention all the characteristic functions would apply to all the games. Because it depended on the game publisher, not host manufacturer.”

But unfortunately, the Advertising Standards Authority does not agree with Nintendo and the advertisement is forced to remove.

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There is a prospect for each platform game in the fourth week of January, 2013.

It is the Spring Festival now. There is no examination at school and no work overtime. A good time is approaching. Will there be one or two types of right games being with you? Although this time is the off-season of game issue, you had better not let your games being covered with ash.

The games will be still very rare next week. In addition to two popular PSV games, the sales of Nintendo Platform games are still in the “hibernation” state. However, as for PS3, the best version of that game will be on sale. It is highly praised by the media and even gets 9.4 high scores from IGN. It is estimated that the high score will make the game have a magnificent reversal in Europe and the United States. In addition, “The Ultimate Assassin HD Trilogy” will be on sale on the double platform of Xbox360 and PS3. HD Trilogy has almost become one of the essential “culture” parts of earning money in industry.

Finally, how can we forget the upcoming game “Yinhun shuangliu” put by PSP platform? Although it is like the millionaire game, there are many slot point with this game. I hope this game won’t make you disappointed!

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Top 50 Valve is the highest among the foreign medium selection game developers.

Published on January 16, 2013 by in News

In the latest issue of foreign cartoon magazine EDGE, the list of video game industry “TOP50 developers” was published,

The first place was the developer, Valve, called as Industry conscience, made “half-life” and “portal”. Also it was famous for the growing of Steam. It is said that it took part in the field of hardware. The second place was Mojang, the rich developer. In addition, Nintendo EAD having the deep game development background won the third place.

Platinum studio won the fourth place by its excellent innovative ability and the big investment on operability. Also it was famous for its works, hunting angel witches” and “conquers”.

It is possible that “the naughty dog”, the strongest Sony Studio won the fifth place. In the meanwhile, North R star, with the big organization, ranked the sixth.

May be the strongest Sony Studio naughty dog ranked fifth; also produce the gta “series and” Marx Penn “organization large North R star in the sixth.

Miraculously “hero alliance”, developers Riot Games can be ranked the last in the top ten, I believe that no one media and players can deny that “hero alliance” e-sports game industry in class in popularity, and even have data once showed that the number of players have been higher than the Dota “, so the bottom Riot has indeed some strange.

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The founder of “Lehman” praises that frames of new work is more outstanding.

Published on January 15, 2013 by in News

Recently Michel Ancel, the founder of Lehman series, praises WiiU on the interview and expresses the positive attitude on this new hardware.

He told GamesTM that the function of WiiU is undoubtedly very strong. His team and himself have not met any restriction. Therefore, Ubisoft can also improve the effectiveness of the UbiArt engine. However, players having experienced “Lehman: origin ” will feel more in-depth visual effect and stronger shadow effect in the “Lehman: Legend”.

This hardware is very strong and we have not received any limit. On the vision, because we have more time to use UbiArt engine, we can increase with depth picture. Especially, when you can clearly see the background with more levels and details, you feel like seeing the scenery. In addition, we also do a lot of lighting effect, whether on the frame and during the actual game.

“Lehman: the epic” will be released on February 26, 2013 in North America, on February 28 in Europe and on March 1 in Britain. In addition, the game will be released in the spring of 2013 in Japan and the Japanese version of the Nintendo Company is responsible for the issue.

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The NPD data in December shows that the total sales of Wii U reach 890 thousand.

Published on January 14, 2013 by in News

According to the NPD, in December, 2012, Wii U, Nintendo new host, has sold 460 thousand copies in the United States and its total sale is 890000 sets.

From the statistics, since it was on the market within 41 days, the sales volume in WiiU hardware is over $300 million. Nintendo said that the sales volume of Wii only reached $270 million.

The United States Nintendo’s Scott Moffitt said: “players on a luxury version of the demand are very high. Holiday is basically in a state of sold out. And the new super Mario brothers U” additional rate is quite high, and fully displays our value and the game in 2013 to continue to maintain the good momentum. We look forward to players and provide more and better new experience, make millions of new faces to keep the laughter.”

The new super Mario brothers U “sold a total of 580000, its hardware and software ratio of over 65%.

In December 2012, Nintendo in the United States hardware total sales for 2.65 million, this also means that 3DS, NDS and Wii sales total for 2.2 million, and the company annual sales of hardware for 11 consecutive years have more than 8 million sets.


In December 2012 in the United States during 3DS sold a total of more than 1.25 million units. The total sales are 7.7 million sets. The new super Mario brother 2 “became the 4th sold more than 1 million 3DS game, at present a total of 1.45 million copies sold.

Wii and NDS

In the United States currently Wii total sales for 40.8 million, and in December 2012, sold 475000 units. “Just dance 4,” is still popular in all platform of performance are very strong, from just dance 3 “is the Wii platform tenth sales breakthrough 5 million games

In addition, the performance of the NDS is also very strong. In December 2012 sold 470000 units in the United States. The total sales are 53 million.

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